Mike D

Mike D    마이크 디 / 본명:Michael Diamond
BIRTH: 1965년 11월 20일 / 미국,New York, NY
STYLE: 랩/힙합


[Disc 1]
1. Why Is The Album Called 'To The 5 Boroughs' And What Does It Mean? / 2. How Do You Compare This Record To Your Other Albums? / 3. How Do You Start Making An Album? / 4. How Did You Prep For This Album? / 5. When Do You Mix The Album? / 6. What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use? / 7. When Does Mix Master Mike Get Involved? / 8. How Does It Feel To Get Together Again And Do This Album? / 9. Can You Tell Us A Little About The Album? / 10. What Kind Of Sounds Are On The Album? / 11. When And How Did You Know It Was Going To Be A Hip-Hop Album? / 12. The Hip-Hop Sound Was Very Relevant At The Time You Recorded The Album - Was This An Influence To Record? / 13. What Does It Mean To Self Produce Your Own Record? / 14. Being Self-Produced Did You Find Ways To Re-Invent Your Voice And Your Music? / 15. Why 'Ch-Check It Out' As The First Single? / 16. What Does Nathanial Hornblower Have To Say About Your Album And The Approach To The Video? / 17. Can You Tell Us About The Song 'An Open Letter To New York' / 18. Can You Tell Us About The Song 'Triple Trouble' / 19. Can You Tell Us About The Song 'Right Right Now Now' / 20. Tell Me About 'We Got The' / 21. Hip-Hop Has Changed Over The Last 6 Years. What Is Your General Take On The Popular Side Of Hip-Ho / 22. Do You Remember Where You Were On 9/11? / 23. Over The Years You Have Explored The Possibilities Of Having Music Change The World Or Personal Self. What Are Some Themes That People Listening To The Album Will Take Away From The New Album? / 24. Do You Love Living In America? / 25. What's Your Rough Game Plan For Touring? / 26. What Countries Do You Hope To Visit On Your Tour?

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