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FPL crew
Young & Finch
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RELEASE DATE: 2017-07-07
ALBUM TYPE: 정규, studio


[YOUNG & FINCH] 앨범소개

캐나다 토론토, Yonge & Finch에서 시작된 'FPL Crew'가 J-Walkers Records와 함께 컴필레이션 EP 앨범 [Young & Finch]를 발매했다. 최근 "Arter 7"을 공개한 'Dbo'뿐만 아니라 같은 크루 멤버인 'DZ', 'Kigga ....



DIGITAL ALBUM 2017-07-07 비손콘텐츠, 티에스앤컴퍼니, 비손콘텐츠


Performed by FPL crew 1기 (2018)
- Kigga : 보컬
Album Title: FPL crew X J-Walkers Records - Young & Finch

01. Kigga - Elevated (feat. Dbo)
Produced By RazsyBeats, IllwillBeats. Lyrics By Kigga, Dbo

02. Dbo - Battery (feat. Kigga, DZ)
Produced By RazsyBeats, TreyBeats. Lyrics By Kigga ,Dbo, DZ

03. DZ - Ninja Blade (feat. Kigga)
Produced By RazsyBeats. Lyrics By Kigga, DZ

04. Dbo, DZ - She Kno Tht
Produced By RazsyBeats, MarkBenjamin. Lyrics By Dbo, DZ

05. Briel - 갈 생각 있어 (feat. Dbo) [Come Wit Me]
Produced By J.Sebastian. Lyrics By Dbo, Briel

06. Dbo - Mad At Me (feat. DZ)
Produced By J.Sebastian. Lyrics By Dbo, DZ

07. DZ - 검은축복 [Dark Blessing]
Produced By J.Sebastian. Lyrics By DZ

08. Briel - Flight
Produced By J.Sebastian. Lyrics By Briel

09. Dbo - 그치 [Ain't It]
Produced By RazsyBeats. Lyrics By Dbo

10. DZ - Twenty 4 Seven
Produced By RazsyBeats, T.JCBeats. Lyrics By DZ

11. DZ - Stone Cold (feat. Kigga, Dbo)
Produced By RazsyBeats, Drummer.G. Lyrics By Kigga, Dbo, DZ

12. Dbo, DZ, Kigga - Grind (사랑과 평화) [Love and Peace]
Produced By J.Sebastian. Lyrics By Kigga, Dbo, DZ

Executive Producer DZ (FPL crew)
Producer RazsyBeats & J.Sebastian from the Kompetetion (J-Walkers Records)
Cover Artwork Deanventor (FPL crew)
All Tracks Mixed By DZ @ FPL Studio
(Except “Flight” Mixed By Jaydubb)
Assisted By Dayta @ J-Walkers Studio
Mastered By DZ @ FPL Studio

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